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Event Planner Toolkit

Use these tips, guides, and requirements to finalize your event.

Conference Center Guide

Room Changeovers

Standard room sets include one room set-up, per room per day. Same day room changeovers will be charged an additional fee and will require at least two weeks notice. Fees will be determined by how many stagehands will be required to changeover the room. We require a minimum of four hours to turn over a room.

Atmosphere Enhancement Guidelines

Nails, pins, and staples are not allowed, damages may result in additional charges. Non-residue tape or mat tape are acceptable alternatives. Mat tape can be purchased from Alerus Center for $15 per roll.

Scheduling your event

  • Give your guaranteed guest count to your sales professional three days before your event.
  • Food selections must be decided six weeks prior to your event.
  • An estimate of the number of guests attending your event will be due 2 weeks prior to your event date.
  • Alcohol consumption is restricted to inside Alerus Center only. There will be no alcohol brought over from the Canad Inns or vice versa.
  • Per City of Grand Forks guidelines, we do not allow the consumption of alcohol in Alerus Center parking lot. The Grand Forks Police Department routinely patrols Alerus Center grounds
  • during both arena and convention center events and will issue citations or make arrests at their discretion.
  • Alerus Center does not allow guests to remove leftover food following an event.
  • Event concludes no later than 1:00 am. Bars will close at 12:30 am.

Sales Professional

  • Your personal sales professional will coordiante all of the details of your event with other departments and vendors.
  • It is important to coordinate our event information with your sales professional a minimum of two weeks prior to your event. This will endure that your requested equipment will be available to you.
  • If your sales professional does not obtain this information we cannot guarantee that your labor and equipment needs will be met.
  • No detail is too small; if you are organized, we are organized, and that will make your event a success.


Staffing charges will be applied form the time the doors open to your guests to the end of the event

  • Event Service Staff———————$16.00/hr.
  • Security————————————-$17.00/hr.
  • Overnight Security———————-$20.00/hr.
  • Event Cleaning—————————-$21.00/hr.
  • A/V Technician (min. 4 hours)——$112.00 min.
  • Stagehands———————————-$88.00 min.
  • Ticket Taker——————————-$16.00/hr.
  • Ticket Office Sales———————$18.00/hr.

All events over 200 people will require one event service staff. This person directs traffic and opens the entrance doors for guests.

Security will be required for all events that include alcohol.

Staffing rates are based upon booking two weeks prior to event. Additional charges will be applied if staffing is booked less than two weeks before your event.


  • 8 x 8 Screen——————————————————————-$20.00
  • 12 x 12 Screen—————————————————————-$100.00
  • 10 x 14 Front Projection or Rear Projection Screen———-$125.00
  • Handheld Wireless Microphone——————————————-$30.00
  • Corded Microphone————————————————————$13.00
  • Lavaliere Microphone——————————————————-$30.00
  • AV Cart—————————————————————————No Charge
  • Audio Connection for Presentations———————————-$12.00
  • Baby Grand Piano————————————————————-$325.00
  • Dance Floor———————————————————————$350.00
  • Laptop Computer—————————————————————$40.00
  • Laptop Remote——————————————————————$17.00
  • LCD Projector——————————————————————$175.00
  • Staging—————————————————————————$19.00/6’x8’ section
  • Ellipsoid Wash on Stage—————————————————$14.00 per light
  • TV/VCR/DVD Combo————————————————————-$60.00
  • DVD/VCR Combo——————————————————————$16.00
  • Lectern—————————————————————————No Charge
  • Lectern with corded microphone—————————————-$12.00
  • Easel——————————————————————————$8.00
  • Flipchart with paper——————————————————-$40.00
  • Whiteboard———————————————————————-$14.00
  • Hardwire Internet Connection——————————————-$100.00
  • Wireless Internet Connection——————————————-$10.00 per day/per account
  • Telephone Conference Unit————————————————$32.00
  • Restricted Line Telephone————————————————$52.00
  • CD Player 5 disc————————————————————-$12.00
  • Photocopies———————————————————————$0.10 (B&W) $0.25 (Color)
  • Sound board———————————————————————$45.00
  • Table Skirt 30”—————————————————————$5.00 per table
  • Table Skirt & Linen———————————————————$10.00 per table
  • Mirrors—————————————————————————$1.50/each
  • Candles with bubble globes———————————————-$1.50/each
  • Additional Colored Cloth Napkins for Decorating—————$.30/each
  • Executive Set (Classroom style with table linen, pitcher of water & bowl of candy on each table)$9.90 per table

Rates are based on upon equipment ordered and finalized two weeks prior to your event. Additional charges will be applied to equipment ordered less than two weeks before your event. Our facility will set up all equipment rented throughout Alerus Center, however it does not include a technician. You are welcome to bring in your own audio/visual equipment for your event.

Insurance Requirements

Insurance is required for all events that either have alcohol or are open to the public.

  • $1,000,000 Liability Coverage
  • $100,000 Property Damage Coverage
  • Alerus Center, City of Grand Forks, VenuWorks of Grand Forks, LLC, VenuWorks Inc, and the Grand Forks Event Center Commission must be listed as additional insured. Alerus Center would be happy to get a quote through our insurance company for any need you may require.

Ballroom Tradeshow Information

Booth Rental

  • 8x10 Booth——————————————————-$30 per booth
    Includes: (1) 8’ un-skirted table, (2) chairs, 8’ pipe & drape back drop, 3’ pipe & drape sides.
  • Table Skirt for 8’ Table———————————-$4.00 per table
  • Linen—————————————————————$5 per booth
  • Electricity——————————————————$25 per booth
  • Wireless Internet———————————————$10 per day per account

Additional Equipment

  • 8 x 30 Table—————————————————-$9.00
  • 6 x 30 Table—————————————————-$9.00
  • 6’ Round Table————————————————-$9.00
  • 3 x 3 Table——————————————————$8.00
  • 3’x 42 Table—————————————————-$9.00
  • Padded Banquet Chair—————————————-$3.00
  • Table Skirt 30”————————————————$9.00
  • Table Skirt 42”————————————————$10.00
  • Table Extensions———————————————-$7.00
  • Mat Tape———————————————————-$18.00
  • Credit Card Line———————————————-Varies dependent on needs-hardline or wireless

Guidelines for Bringing Vehicles into the Ballroom:

  • All tires must be wrapped.
  • The vehicle must contain less than a ¼ or 5 gallons of gas (whichever is lesser)
  • Overnight security is required for vehicles that will be left in the building overnight.
  • If any damages to carpet or additional cleaning is required client will be charged accordingly.


All tickets for events at Alerus Center will be subject to a Public Facility Maintenance Surcharge (PFMS) per ticket according to the following rates:

  • Tickets priced from $0- $5.00 = $.50 per ticket
  • Tickets priced from $5.01- $10.00= $1.00 per ticket
  • Tickets priced from $10.01 and over= $1.50 per ticket

PFMS will be considered fees belonging to Alerus Center and no part of the gross sales of this event(s).


Kedney Moving 
4700 Demers Ave, Grand Forks, ND 58201 
(701) 772-6683

All tickets must go through Ticketmaster, please discuss with your sales professional.

Food and Beverage Guide

Wedding Guide