Non-Profit Fundraising

If your non-profit organization is looking to make a difference and contribute to the exceptional fan experience at the Alerus Center while fundraising, we would love to hear from you! 

About The Program

Each season, we contract with non-profit organizations to operate certain concessions stands or serve as ticket takers/ushers as a means of raising funds for their activities. It serves as an alternative to traditional fundraising, like car washes and bake sales, while developing teamwork and camaraderie in an exciting atmosphere. We are proud of our program and hope that it can help make a difference while helping organizations reach fundraising goals. Must be 18 years or older to participate.

The Alerus Center non-profit program has supported churches, youth sports, food banks, booster clubs, private schools, and civic groups. In addition to potentially raising thousands of dollars for their organizations, groups learn to work as a team and operate in an honest, ethical, and enjoyable atmosphere.

Application Process

Group submits the following documents

Letter of Intent to Volunteer

Written on organization's letterhead that includes:

  • Full name of the organization
  • Purpose and nature of the organization
  • Physical and mailing address of the organization
  • Contact information - name(s), phone(s), and email address(es)
  • Size of group and number of adults interested in fundraising
  • Fundraising goals & activities to be paid for by money earned

IRS Determination Letter

Groups must verify their current 501(c) tax-exempt status by providing a copy of their IRS determination letter. Groups that are not required to register with the IRS may instead provide a state certification verifying non-profit status.

W-9 Requesting Taxpayer EIN Certification

Group completes and submits the W-9 which allows the Alerus Center to verify the group's Federal Employer Identification Number.

  • Age Requirements: All volunteers must be 18 years of age or older

*Please note there is no cost to be incurred by your organization or any of your volunteers at this time regarding this process.

Other Requirements

No one may sell or serve alcoholic beverages unless they hold a current, active and valid certification from an approved training program from the City of Grand Forks, ND mandated programs. Site-specific additional training requirements and regulations will also apply.

More Information

For more information about volunteering in concessions, please contact Jolain Anderson.


For more information about volunteering as event staff, please contact Megan Lenertz.