UND Football


Alerus Center recognizes the needs of those with disabilities and has met or exceeded the requirements of compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Alerus Center provides a full range of accommodations for guests with disabilities to ensure their safety, comfort and enjoyment of all our events, including:

  • Accessible parking is available in Alerus Center parking lots. These spaces, including van-accessible spaces, are designated for vehicles displaying a current state-issued hangtag or license plate. Drop-off and pick-up locations for guests are located near all entrances on the East and South sides of the facility. Accessible spaces are filled on a first-come, first-served basis so please plan accordingly.
  • Accessible entrances with curb cuts and push-button doors openers are located at Entrances 1, 2, 4, 5 and 6.
  • The Alerus Center has a limited number of wheelchairs available at Entrances 1 and 2 for use during all events. Guests will be required to leave valid identification such as a driver’s license as collateral. This is a complimentary service.
  • Alerus Center is equipped with an Assistive Listening System. Receivers are available for Arena events and can be obtained at the Ticket Office, located near Entrance 1. Guests will be required to leave valid identification such as a driver’s license as collateral. This is a complimentary service.
  • Service animals, as defined by the ADA, that have been trained to perform a specific function to assist a guest with a special need are welcome in Alerus Center. The animal will rest in the seating area of the guest, rather than in the aisle. We suggest that the individual have proof of certification or a license for the service animal. Please notify your ticket seller at the time of purchase so that an aisle seat may be selected for you to accommodate your service animal. All other animals are prohibited.


For safety, as well as courtesy to other guests, aisles must be clear at all times. Please refrain from standing in aisles during events and follow directions of staff in your area.


No alcohol may be brought into Alerus Center. All persons must be age 21 or older and provide legal identification to purchase alcoholic beverages. Alcohol purchases are limited to two (2) beverages per guest. Management has the right to refuse service at any time. Alcohol sales can be terminated at any time at the discretion of Alerus Center management. Typically, alcoholic beverage sales will end 45 minutes prior to the scheduled end of the event.




There are three automated teller machines (ATMs) for your convenience, located in Alerus Center:

  • Conference Center – Pre-function hallway between Ballrooms and Meeting Rooms
  • Ticket Office – South, Entrance 1 adjacent to Ticket Windows
  • Arena/Concourse Level – Next to Guest Services Desk outside Section 203

For your convenience, Alerus Center permanent concession stands and some portable kiosks accept all major credit cards.


Large Bags and backpacks are not allowed in Alerus Center. Purses and diaper bags are allowed and are subject to inspection by Alerus Center Staff or Security when entering the Alerus Center or at anytime while inside the facility.


Banners/signs are welcome inside Alerus Center. To ensure that these articles do not distract from the enjoyment of other fans, Alerus Center requests that guests adhere to the following guidelines:

Banners/signs should in no way infringe on the sightlines of other Alerus Center guests. Banners/signs may not be commercial, political, derogatory or obscene as determined by Alerus Center Staff. Signs must not utilize wood or metal material or other types of objects for support. Banners/signs must be affixed by using mat tape. Permission must be obtained from Alerus Center prior to hanging any banner/sign and Alerus Center reserves the right to remove any banner/sign.


Glass bottles are not allowed inside Alerus Center. Aluminum bottles or cans may be taken off of suite level but glass must stay on suite level at all times. No outside food or beverage is allowed inside Alerus Center.


Personal sized, still cameras are permitted in Alerus Center on an event by event basis. Video cameras are not allowed and guests will be asked to return video equipment to their automobiles.




Diaper changing stations are available in all public restrooms.


From Interstate 29 southbound – Exit Demers Avenue. Turn right (East) onto Demers Avenue. Travel to S. 42nd Street and turn right (South). The Alerus Center will be on the right. 

From Interstate 29 northbound – Exit Demers Avenue. Turn right (East) onto Demers Avenue. Travel to S. 42nd Street and turn right (South). The Alerus Center will be on the right.

From Highway 2 eastbound – Follow Highway 2/Gateway Drive to S. 42nd St. Turn right (South) on S. 42nd St., crossing Demers Avenue. Continue until the Alerus Center is on the right.


All guests must maintain reasonable and appropriate behavior at all times. Guests using offensive language or engaging in disorderly conduct may be ejected from the facility and may be subject to arrest. Ejected guests will not receive a refund for their tickets or be compensated in any way for their loss.
Disturbances include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Standing on chairs
  • Placing children on shoulders
  • Intoxication and disorderly conduct
  • Fighting or challenging others to fight
  • Interference with or delay of the game/event
  • Violation of Alerus Center event policies
  • Violation of the local, state and federal laws and statues
  • Igniting and display of flames, i.e. lighters/matches, in the facility bowl
  • Throwing, discharging or launching any liquid substance or objects
  • Willfully and maliciously disturbing another guest/employee with loud and unreasonable noise
  • Using profanity and/or offensive words, which are likely to provoke a violent reaction from others
  • Taunting or using offensive language against the players, referees or performers


Doors will typically open one hour prior to an event’s scheduled start time. Please see the specific event page for more information on changes from this policy.


There are two elevators located in the lobby of Entrance 1 that access both concourse and suite level.

There is also an elevator in Entrances 2 with concourse access only. An escalator is also provided in the Entrance 1 lobby for access to and from the arena concourse.


Alerus Center has seven public entrances, providing close and easy access to your event:

  • Entrance #1 – Administration Offices, Ticket Office, East Arena Seating (Sections 201-209), Main Floor Seating and Meeting Rooms
  • Entrance #2 – West Arena Seating (Sections 210-218) and Main Floor Seating
  • Entrances # 4, 5 and 6 – All Ballrooms (1-5), East Arena Seating (Sections 201-209) and Main Floor Seating
  • Entrances # 7 and 8 – All Meeting Rooms, East Arena Seating (Sections 201-209) and Main Floor Seating

Alerus Center is also accessible from the north through the Canad Inn during events and regular business hours.


Alerus Center has two family/unisex restrooms on the Arena/Concourse Level and one available in the Conference Center.


The Medical/First Aid Office is located in the Northeast corner of the concourse near section 209. Guests in need of emergency first aid should contact the nearest Alerus Center staff member for assistance.


Alerus Center is committed to providing an enjoyable experience for our guests. In order to maintain an enjoyable and safe environment, we request that all guests be courteous to those around them and abide by all building policies and regulations. Guests using foul language or appearing intoxicated will be ejected from the building. Guests wearing obscene or indecent clothing will be denied entry. Shirts must be worn at all times. Noisemakers of any type are prohibited. Guests who engage in inappropriate behavior will be removed from the building.


Guest services is located in the Administrative Offices in the main lobby of Entrance 1 and outside Section 203 on the Arena/Concourse Level.


Lost & Found is located in the Administration Offices, which is located in the main lobby of Entrance 1. During Arena events, Lost & Found can also be turned in/returned at the Guest Services Desk outside Section 203. If you have an item to turn in, you may bring it to the Administration Offices, the Guest Services Desk or turned over to Alerus Center Security.


Guests are encouraged to report a missing person(s) to anyone on the Alerus Center event staff. Alerus Center staff will work closely with Grand Forks Police Department and Alerus Center Security to help locate any missing individual(s).


Live or dead animal mascots are not allowed inside Alerus Center. Anyone caught with such items will be removed from the facility.


The following items are not permitted in Alerus Center:

  • Outside alcohol, food or beverage
  • Non-service animals
  • Backpacks
  • Bottles or cans
  • Fireworks or open flames
  • Flammable liquids or substances
  • Horns, whistles or noisemakers
  • Laser pointers
  • Recording devices
  • Weapons of any kind


Public courtesy phones are located in the Northeast corner of the concourse by section 209, the Southeast corner of the concourse by section 201, the West concourse by section 217 & 212, the lobby of entrances 2 &3 and the Pre-function hallway by meeting rooms 1 & 10. TDD is located in the telephone room by meeting room 10.


People wishing to listen to the radio broadcast while at a UND event are welcome to do so. The radio being used may not be any bigger than a hand held radio and must be equipped with earphones.


Alerus Center has a “no re-entry” policy during all Arena events. Guests who wish to return a prohibited item to their vehicle or need to exit and re-enter due to personal emergencies, must first go to Guest Services or an Event Supervisor to make necessary arrangements.


Restrooms are located in the Pre-function hallway and both East & West Arena concourses.


All personnel are subject to search upon entry. Hand held wand metal detectors are used on an event by event basis. The event producer determines this policy. They will cause no harm to people with medical conditions.

Any person refusing search will not be admitted and may receive a full refund from the ticket office


In compliance with local and state laws, Alerus Center is a smoke free facility. Outside designated smoking areas vary by event and are the only entrance(s) which allow exit and re-entry. In the Conference Center, the outside smoking area is located on the east side along the sidewalk areas.


Strollers are welcome inside the arena for young children and infants but are subject to search.


To book a tour of Alerus Center, please contact the main administrative offices in advance at 701-792-1200