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Alerus Center Commission Members

The mission of the Events Center Commission (also known as Alerus Center Commission) is to provide leadership that enables the Alerus Center to be beneficial to the regional economy, responsive to patrons, and accountable to Grand Forks taxpayers.

  • Matt Walkowiak, Chair
  • Curt Kreun, Vice Chair
  • Pat McLean, Secretary
  • Hal Gershman, Public at Large
  • Jay Kleven, Public at Large
  • Clare Albrecht, Public at Large
  • Ken Vein, City Council Representative
  • Julie Rygg, CVB Representative
  • Bill Chaves, UND Representative
  • Howard Swanson, City Attorney
  • Maureen Storstad, City Finance Representative

To contact a member of the Alerus Center Commission, please email: [email protected]